Conference Committee

The Conference Committee of CitSciHelvetia'23 consists of twelve members who focus on Citizen Science or participatory research from different scientific perspectives. They represent the different regions of Switzerland as well as Germany and Austria.

The Conference Committee provides expertise, ideas and inputs on the content of CitSciHelvetia'23. In addition, the committee is responsible for the program framework of CitSciHelvetia'23 together with the conference organization. To this end, the Conference Committee members have provided input for the call for proposals. Furthermore, they are currently evaluating and selecting the submitted contributions (review).

Markus Böhm 
Federal Office for the Enivornment
Environmental Monitoring Section

Michaela Egli

Kopie von Portrait CitSciHelvetia23 round 1

Moritz Müller
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin


Florian Heigl
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Olivia Höhener
Participatory Science Academy
University of Zurich

Christoph Küffer
Dep. of Environmental Systems Science
ETH Zurich

Rosy Mondardini
Citzen Science Center Zurich 

Elisa Radosta
Bioscope Unversity of Geneva

Tiina Stämpfli
Secretariat for Citizen Science in Switzerland
Foundation Science et Cité


Anouk-Lisa TaucherSWILD
ETH Zurich
WSL Zurich



Séverine Trouilloud
University of Lausanne

Manuela Varini Natural Science Society



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